Tuesday 4 December 2018

Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference lectures online

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHnW2NAfPIA2KUipZ_PlUlw/videosThe remainder of the recordings of lectures presented at the 2018 Genetic Genealogy Ireland (GGI) conference have now been uploaded to the GGI video channel on YouTube. (A first instalment of videos was uploaded last month – see blogpost.)

As always, the GGI lecture programme covered a wide range of topics from beginner level subjects to presentations of the latest research and technological developments. For the first time, the 2018 conference also explored ethical issues relating to the use of dna tests in public and social applications to to privacy and data protection.

The newly uploaded lectures are as follows:

  • DNA, Privacy and Data Protection, a panel discussion
  • GDPR, Privacy and Data Protection, with James Irvine 
  • WATO – the latest tool for your atDNA, with Andrew Millard
  • Raising the Dead, with Martin McDowell
  • Finding Missing Persons with DNA, with Debbie Kennett
  • Developments in O'Neill Clan genealogy, with the O'Neill Project Team
  • Running successful Local DNA Projects in Ireland, a panel discussion
  • The North East Galway DNA Project, with Martin Curley
  • Unusual Use of 3rd-Party Tools, with Cathal McEgunn
  • DNA Testing for Genealogy – the basics, with Donna Rutherford
  • Y-SNP Testing: best current tools & a glimpse into the future, with John Cleary
  • Untangling a Tumbleweed Branch of the Y-DNA Tree, with John Brazil

To view the full selection of available videos from the 2018 lectures, and those from each of the GGI conferences held over the previous five years, see the GGI YouTube channel. You'll find an extraordinary library of more than 100 lectures, with topics of appeal to researchers of all levels of experience.