Friday 21 December 2018

New fees for researchers at The National Archives, Kew

The National Archives (TNA) in Kew, London, has announced some changes to its fees structure; they will take effect from 1 February 2019.

There are both price increases and decreases. For example, a digital copy (research quality) up to A3 size goes up by 10p to £1.20, while larger sizes are reduced from £8.65 to £8.45. TNA's Research Service currently costs £23.35 per 15 minutes; this will increase by £1, and VAT is extra.

You can find out more, and download the new pricelist here.

TNA maintains the standard public money approach of setting charges at a level that recovers full costs, ensuring that the institution neither profits at the expense of consumers nor makes a loss for taxpayers to subsidise.