Tuesday 13 November 2018

Genetic Genealogy Ireland talks: some videos online

Recordings of lectures presented at this year’s Genetic Genealogy Ireland (GGI) conference, held last month in Dublin, are now starting to be uploaded to You Tube.

Videos of the following lectures can be viewed free of charge:

DNA for Beginners with Debbie Kennett
If you’re thinking of taking a DNA test, wondering how DNA might help progress your family history research, or just received your test results and don’t know where to start, this beginners’s talk aims to answer your questions.

Introducing DNA Painter, with Katherine Borges
The DNA Painter website is a user-friendly website packed with tools to help you analyse your DNA matches (no matter which company you have tested with). This lecture reviews the tools available and how they can help you in practice, including the DNA Painter itself, the Shared cM tool, and the WATO tool.

Ethical issues & the social application of DNA, a panel discussion
The Golden State Killer case sent ethical ripples throughout our entire genealogy community, and out into wider society. Since then, at least eleven further serial killer cases have been “solved”. Is society safer? Has privacy been invaded? This panel discussion explores some of the issues raised by the use of genetic genealogy techniques and databases to catch a killer.

Using DNA to identify offenders and victims of violent crime, with Barbara Rae Venter
An exploration into the use of autosomal DNA testing in solving cases of “unknown parentage”, from adoptees to the unknown victims of violent crime, to violent offenders. Some of the issues raised by the use of public databases such as GEDmatch in solving such cases is also discussed.

How DNA can help at Tuam - Options for DNA testing, with Maurice Gleeson.
Almost 800 children died at the Tuam Mother’s & Babies Home between 1925 and 1961. Many of them may be buried in a pit discovered on the old site of the home. This talk reviews how DNA can help identify the skeletal remains found in the pit, and explores some of the ethical issues raised.

I’ll post again when the next handful of recordings have been uploaded.