Monday 3 December 2018

New family history show launches today on Channel 4

A new family history focused show will be launching on Channel 4 today.

It's called My Family Secrets Revealed and it will be using traditional family history research and DNA testing to solve family history mysteries. According to its promotional blurb, people from across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England came to My Family Secrets Revealed’s team of genealogists in the hope of proving, disproving or finally solving mysteries, questions or rumours that have circulated through their families for years.

From learning life-changing details about evasive ancestors, and finding mysterious traces of DNA from regions never expected, to searching for family connections to George Clooney and Elton John, every story on the show taps into our human curiosity about what came before us and who our ancestors were.

The new-format show is the brain child of the Big Mountain team who brought The Genealogy Roadshow to Ireland a few years back. Ancestry is a partner and co-funder. My Family Secrets Revealed will be hosted by Sian Williams and features some of Britain’s respected historians and genealogists.

The programme will air daily at 1:05pm on Channel 4.

See Ancestry Blog for more information.