Thursday 7 December 2017

Winter issue of Irish Roots magazine published

The Winter edition of Irish Roots magazine has been published. In addition to its strong news coverage, which includes the latest happenings from Ireland's family history societies and a What's New? Review from yours truly setting out all recent record releases, this edition has a strikingly strong mix of features. Whether you're a beginner, or a more experienced researcher, I'm sure you'd find plenty to learn and enjoy.

For details of all the feature stories and other sections of the magazine, including those aimed at US and Australian researchers, you should visit the Irish Roots website  (there's a free sample ready to download!), but below is a brief taster of a few of the articles. Laois to Kerry tells the story of the seven septs of Laois – the Moores, Kellys, Dowlings, Lawlors, Dorans, Deevys or Dees and McEvoys – who were forced to leave their lands in Laois and to relocate en masse to County Kerry in the 16th century. Substantial numbers of their descendants still reside in or around the North Kerry parishes to which their distant ancesters were transplanted.

This issue's county research feature looks at tracing your ancestors in Cavan, and explains the different groups of records most family historians with Cavan connections will encounter in their search.

In a real-life case study combining traditional genealogy research methods with DNA testing, a family mystery is finally unravelled to explain the disappearance of the researcher's great grandfather's brother.

An indepth explanation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sets out the genealogical value of this test, which, though limited, can be a useful tool in certain circumstances. This type of DNA is passed from a mother to her children. Their daughters pass it on to their offspring, but their sons do not, so mtDNA tests follow the maternal line only.

A perfectly seasonal feature, Christmas in the Irish Cottage focuses on the mid-19th century to mid-20th century and looks at decorations and preparations for the festive holidays, and then explores the traditions associated with the principal days: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, St Stephens, New Year and Little Christmas.

Irish Roots is available in both print and digital format, and copies can purchased on subscription or as on-off buys. With Christmas in mind, be sure to check out the publisher's Gift Pack and Gift Subscription options.