Friday 22 December 2017

FindMyPast Friday brings a mixed Xmas package

This weeks's 'FindMyPast Friday' has delivered nearly one million church records from Manchester, a major destination for Irish migrants both before and after The Famine, and still a region with a sizeable Irish population.

Two collections have been added. The first is the Greater Manchester Burials, 1570–1990 collection, which holds records of more than 50,000 death and burials. They come in the form of transcripts and, where available, images of the original registers.

The larger collection is the Greater Manchester Marriages 1570-1936 collection, which holds transcripts of more than 913,000 banns and marriage records.

UPDATE, 19 Jan 2018: FindMyPast uploaded Greater Manchester Baptisms, 1571–1910. Nearly 1.8million records are included in this record set, and they include both transcription and image.

In addition, FindMyPast's Billion Graves Cemetery Index has grown by a further 1.1million records. The largest chunk of the upload (941,000 entries) relates to headstones in the USA, but there are also significant uploads for Australia (84,000 new entries); England (65,000); Canada (41,000); Scotland (37,000); and New Zealand (12,000). The indexes for Ireland and Wales grew by more than 3,000 and 2,000 entries respectively.

Other updates to FindMyPast's database this week include 13,000 memorial inscriptions from the English county of Northamtonshire, some 65 new British history and reference guides, and images for 35 volumes of Allen County Lines, which is published quarterly by the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana.