Monday 11 December 2017

Irish News Archives: New editions and a 25% discount
The Dublin-based Irish Newspaper Archives has added some new, mostly relatively recent, content to its online holding for three of its newspaper titles (see below).

To mark this upload there's a 25% discount on offer for researchers taking out either a monthly or annual subscription to the full database.

With the discount, the cost of the Monthly sub (regular price £$€29.00)  is reduced to £$€21.75.
With the discount, the cost of the Yearly sub (regular price £$€149) is reduced to £$€111.75.

To take advantage of the discount, see the website's subscription page and use the coupon code New002. The saving will be applied at the checkout. This discount will expire on 17 December.

Now, about the new uploads... Editions from the dates shown have been added to the database for each of the following newspapers:

Belfast Newsletter : 1939–1949
The Drogheda Independent : 1884–1891 and 1905
The Dundalk Democrat : 2000–2001