Wednesday 23 August 2017

New online platform for Limerick Archives

Limerick Archives has launched a webpage on to increase awareness of and access to the county's archive holdings, exhibitions and digital publications.

Home page of the new
Limerick Archives online platform
In this pilot phase of Limerick City and County Council's Archive Digitisation Project, a selection of the most popular collections from Limerick City Council’s own records as well as private papers acquired by Limerick Archives have been scanned in colour. Some material previously captured on microfilm has also been uploaded.

To whet your appetite, I've listed below some of the online Archives Collection available to researchers (there are plenty more):

Digital Archives Categories
  • Cemeteries and Graveyards
  • Military and Policing
  • Records of the Christian Brothers Schools 1856-1925
  • Landed Estates
  • Society of Friends (Quakers): Limerick Papers

Limerick City & County Council and Local Government Collections
  • Limerick Union Board of Guardians Minute Books, 1842-1922
  • Rate Valuation Books, 1893-1971
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles, 1904-1982
  • Register of Cases of Successful Vaccination, 1864 – 1912
  • Limerick Police Force, 1922 (pdf)

Private Papers and Business Collections
  • Croker Papers, 1798-1858
  • Limerick County Infirmary, 1835-1958
  • Limerick Bakers Society, 1871-1923
  • Limerick County Militia, 1797-1846

In addition, the website holds Collection Lists (descriptive lists) for all its catalogued material.

It's a good-looking site, if a bit slow to download pages, and is well worth exploring for its wealth of historical resources about the city' development and the working and cultural life of its inhabitants.