Tuesday 25 July 2017

New user-guides from Registry of Deeds Index Project

The Registry of Deeds Index Project has been updated with the latest entries submitted by its growing volunteer team. It now holds 247,262 entries from 27,664 memorials of deeds. They're all free to search.

Starting page for the Townland Index for townlands
starting with the letter C in County Cork, 1810-1819.
Additionally, Index Project manager Nick Reddan FIGRS and one of the stalwart volunteers, Roz McCutcheon, have added more guides to finding townlands in the Townland Index.

Follow this Find Townland Letter link and use the drop down menu to select the county and time period you are researching.

The next page allows you to search for a townland using the first letter of its name. Your selection will take you to either the first page or the end page of the appropriate imaged films now available free of charge at FamilySearch.org.

Similar Guides to the Grantor Index Films are also available on the site.

FamilySearch's ongoing upload of images of the Registry of Deeds Indexes has brought renewed vitality to this important volunteer project, and there are now several guides to help researchers become better acquainted with the huge record collection in Dublin, the online Index Project, and the FamilySearch images. The selection can be found here.