Friday 14 April 2017

500 Legacy Family Tree Webinars free this weekend

To mark the upload of its 500th webinar, Legacy Family Tree Webinars is giving researchers free access to its entire library of online presentations.

Among them are 24 webinars with Irish themes. Half of them are by John Grenham MAGI, who won't require much introduction to readers of this blog, and they were all uploaded over the last nine months. Other well-known independent genealogists and lecturers are represented in the line-up, and I'm sure all family historians looking to improve or refresh their skills and knowledge would find something of interest among the lecture subjects offered.

The only caution I'd raise is to check the date of each recording. Some were made two, three or four years ago. While the background information provided in some of these older webinars may remain perfectly valid and useful, Irish genealogy has been moving at quite a pace over the last few years and details regarding access to collections may be out of date.

This generous offer from Legacy Family Tree Webinars is a first, and (who knows?) may not be repeated, so don't miss this opportunity during the Easter break to learn or brush up research skills.

Free access is now 'open' and will continue until Sunday evening.

You can learn more about the free weekend and how the webinar library developed here.