Friday 3 February 2017

Implementation of new national management system may cause temporary closures of some local libraries

Local libraries across Ireland are in the process of implementing a new national computer system for borrowing and returning books and other items. To facilitate this, some libraries are having to temporarily close their doors to the public. In County Cork, for example, 21 libraries outside the City will be closed for staff training for half days or full days (see details), while the seven City libraries will be closed from 5:30pm on Friday 10 February until 2pm on Wednesday 15 February.

The excellent Cork Local Studies Library, and the Reference Library, both at Grand Parade, will not be affected by this closure and will open for normal hours. (It's worth noting here that the Local Studies Library, which has recently seen closures due to essential roof repairs, is still unable to provide access to all its holdings. Newspapers and historial maps are still off limits, but the full book collection, microfilms and online access are fully available.)

As far as I'm aware, the roll out of the new computer management system will continue until the end of March (it may be later). As it is likely to cause some disruption at many libraries, I'd recommend that researchers ring ahead to be sure of access on their intended visiting day.