Friday 10 February 2017

Call for nautical-themed artefacts for Cork exhibition
St Peters Cork is on North Main Street, Cork.
It is open, free of charge, every day except Monday.
Good cafe and secret garden, too!
St Peters Cork, a cultural and community facility in one of Cork's oldest buildings, is planning a new exhibition exploring the maritime history of the City. It will explore the important roles that both Cork Harbour and the River Lee have played in shaping the character of the Republic of Ireland's second city.

A feature wall of the exhibition will be dedicated to the People of Cork, and the organisers are looking for help from people with connections to Cork or to its nautical history. They've put out a call for donations of items that tie in with the theme.

"Whether it’s a letter from a sailor to his sweetheart, an old map or photograph, an advertisement for one of the Merchant Princes, a menu from the Titanic or Lusitania, a telegram, a ticket or a straight-up maritime oddity … if it connects Cork and the sea we would love to hear from you."

The clock is ticking down, so please get in touch with the team if you have suitable documents or artefacts: or (021) 427 8187.