Tuesday 29 November 2016

Book Launch: The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland

ISBN: 978-1-84682-571-2.
Four Courts Press has published The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland: The making of a myth. Edited by Peter Crooks and Seán Duffy, it is the inaugural volume in the Trinity Medieval Ireland Series, which arises from a symposium held three years ago to mark the 500th anniversary of the Great Earl of Kildare's death in September 1513.

The 446-page illustrated hardback traces the history of the Great Earl’s family from its origins to the sixteenth century. Some of Ireland’s finest historians offer fresh appraisals of the origins of the Geraldines, their significance and reputations, and explores the reception of the ‘myth’ of the Geraldines from the sixteenth century onwards.

You can see full details of the contents here.

The book is now available via the publisher's online shop for €45 (catalogue Price €50).