Tuesday 12 July 2016

AskAboutIreland's access problems being monitored

AskAboutIreland's Griffith's Valuation collection,
including maps, is free to search
Researchers who turn to AskAboutIreland.ie's free version of Griffith's Valuation have been experiencing some access problems with the site over (at least) the last couple of weeks.

Typically, search requests are returning 500 Error codes, which means that the server cannot process the requests for an unknown reason.

My own attempts to access the site's GV database have been largely successful during this time. I received the error code once, but assumed the problem was rectified when my next search returned results.

However, I've received emails from researchers in different parts of the world who have been less lucky. I've also noticed some chatter on forums about the hit and miss rate, too.

I contacted AskAboutIreland at the end of last week. It seems the technical team was not aware of the problem. I'm told the developers are now monitoring the servers to get a more in-depth understanding of the issue. At first glance it does not look to be a severe problem and they are hoping to be able to resolve it quickly.