Tuesday 15 December 2015

Christmas ideas for the genie in your life: 10% discount on Ancestry DNA tests – IE & UK only

Be quick. Discount has expired.
I don't know about anyone else but I held out and kept my nerve, confident that AncestryDNA would come up with a Christmas discount offer for this eastern side of the Atlantic.

And here it is: 10% off the price of a DNA testing kit. This brings the price down to £89. There's still, unfortunately, the hefty shipping charge of £20 to be added to reach the final cost, but hey, it's Christmas (dear husband).

To take advantage of the offer you need to act quickly as it expires tomorrow. I'll presume the expiry time is 23:59 GMT (it usually is, but I can't find confirmation on the Ancestry site).

I've already done one AncestryDNA test and I've been very pleased with the results, even if I haven't yet had time to follow up all of the most promising matches they revealed. Subject to finding another testing kit under the tree late next week, my plan is for my mother to take the test so that I can better identify the side of the family with which each individual match connects.

(See the USA offer here. )

UPDATE 17 Dec 2015:
The discount from AncestryDNA.co.uk has now expired.