Wednesday 9 December 2015

Christmas gifts for the genealogist in your life – 3

There can be occasions in every family historian's research when some professional help wouldn't go amiss. Times when a leg-up over a brickwall is needed, or maybe a fresh direction needs to be found. Or maybe just starting is proving difficult.

This is when Timeline Genealogy Gift Vouchers could make an ideal gift for under your family tree this Christmas.

Timeline Vouchers come in differing values and can be exchanged for the following:
  • Consultation with Timeline's Nicola Morris MAGI, a professional genealogist who has worked for Who Do You Think You Are?
  • A personalised research guide, tailored to your own family history and with a step-by-step research strategy
  • Family history research packages for those who don't want to carry out their own research or who want an expert to extend their own prior research into earlier generations
Vouchers can be dispatched by post or email to the purchaser or recipient. Vouchers sent by email are pdf attachments, ideal for printing and presentation.