Thursday 26 November 2015

Half price offer on all FindMyPast IE, UK, Aus/NZ subs

Offer has expired
Black Friday, Discount Weekend, Sale Extravaganza... whatever you want to call it, there's a price cutting frenzy at FindMyPast and, if you're serious about your family history research and don't already have a sub, you'd be daft to miss it.

Until Monday 30 November you can take your pick from the full range of monthly and annual subscriptions available via FindMyPast Ireland, FindMyPast UK and FindMyPast Australia& NewZealand, and pay half the regular price.

The 50% discount is available whether you choose one of the 'local' packages or opt for the 'World' package.

The World package includes collections from all FindMyPast territories (ie IE, UK, Aus/Nz and USA).

To take up the offer, choose one of the flags below and click on the link beside it. On the landing page, click the Activate your Discount button. This will take you through to the Subscription page, where the 50% discount code will be automatically applied (you may have to wait a moment or two). Then you can select your preferred type of subscription at the discounted price.

50% off all subs at
FindMyPast Ireland
    50% off all subs at
FindMyPast UK
    50% off all subs at
FindMyPast Aus/NZ

Please note: This half-price offer is not available at where the Thanksgiving weekend is being celebrated with a whopping 75% discount. See yesterday's '75% discount' blogpost here. If you're looking at subscribing to an annual FindMyPast World package and you're prepared to pay in US dollars, do the maths to work out which route is most advantageous to your wallet.