Wednesday 29 July 2015

Studies of Dublin graveyard inscriptions on Academia tutor and historian Sean J Murphy has recently republished some of his works on, a growing platform used by academics to reach a wider audience.

He currently has 15 papers available, each free to view via his profile page. Of particular interest to those actively researching their family history in Dublin are these:

  • Memorial Inscriptions from the Moravian Cemetery, Whitechurch, County Dublin
  • Bully's Acre and Royal Hospital Kilmainham Graveyards: History and Inscriptions
  • Memorial Inscriptions from St Catherine's Church and Graveyard, Dublin

His well-known Survey of Irish Surnames 1992-97 can also be accessed on the site.

Sean's e-publications, including St James's Graveyard Project/Memorial Inscriptions from St James's, Dublin, can also be downloaded in PDF format, free, from his Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies website.

Sean has recently launched a page on Facebook where he provides additional information and comment about some of his research projects.