Friday 31 July 2015

FindMyPast releases records of Dublin's Military School has added some 9,898 records from the Royal Hibernian Military School in Dublin.

The Royal Hibernian Military School admissions 1847-1932 collection relates to the school opened in 1769 by the Hibernian Society to educate orphaned children of British Army personnel in Ireland.

The term 'orphan' could include children who had lost one or both parents, or indeed none; if both parents were posted overseas, a child might be offered a place at the Royal Hibernian Military School (RHMS).

The collection also includes a staff list for the year 1864.

Stored in London, many of the school’s records were destroyed during the London blitz in 1940. Those that survive are now in The National Archives and have been transcribed by Peter Goble.

They include information that goes beyond the details typically found in admission registers, but sometimes, rather infuriatingly, omitting detail that could better identify the individual, as you'll see from some of the examples below:

Henry Byrne, born 11 October 1839, was admitted to the RHMS on 7 May 1850 aged 11. He was 4ft 8inches tall, weighed 3st 10lb and had a chest size of 24inches. His unnamed father was in the Hussars 7th regiment. His occupation is stated as Tailor, presumably the trade in which young Henry was being trained.

Patrick Gannon, born 6 February 1840, was admitted to the RHMS when he was aged 10years 4months. Although not recorded specifically, the admission can be readilty calculated to around June 1850. He was 3ft 10inches tall, weighed 3st 10lb and had a chest size of 24inches. His unnamed father was in the Hampshire South Regiment (37th & 67th Foot).

Bridget Murphy was a protestant who worked as a Laundry Servant at the RHMS in 1864. She's recorded as a resident of the School, which presumably means she lived in; her wages were £6 6shillings and her allowances were £19 18shillings. She resigned. No further information is provided.