Wednesday 22 July 2015

Post Truce Compensation Files added to NAI catalogue

National Archives of Ireland, Bishop St, Dublin 8
The National Archives of Ireland (NAI) has added more Post-Truce (Damage to Property (Compensation) Act 1923) files to its online catalogue. This time, it's the turn of Counties Clare, Monaghan and Wicklow and Dublin City.

The files deal with claims for compensation for loss of or damage to property that occurred as a result of military action between July 1921 and March 1923, under the Damage to Property (Compensation) Act, 1923.

They record the claimant's name and address and a brief explanation of the incident that led to the loss of their property, which is also briefly described.

While unlikely to help your research in a genealogical sense, these files can add to your understanding of your family's experiences, and those of their neighbours, in the early 1920s.

County Clare
To explore the Clare files, enter FIN/COMP/2/3/ in the NAI's Simple Search box There are 464 entries. Among the events recorded in the files are a seizure of tobacco at Corofin Railway Station on 18 December 1921, the commandeering of disinfectants and goods by Irregular forces in July 1922, and the burning and destruction of hay and farming implements.

Dublin City
To explore the Dublin City files, enter FIN/COMP/2/28/ in the NAI's Simple Search box There are 2121 entries. Because of the location covered, it's no surprise to find many of the incidents recorded involving damages to property caused by explosions and gunfire. Another rather amused me, and came as a reminder that it wasn't only Ireland's genealogical heritage (or, at least, a good part of it) that went up in smoke; a claim was made for compensation for 'Barristers' wigs and gowns and judges' robes destroyed due to the bombardment of Four Courts, Dublin between 28 and 30 June 1922'. The file notes the claimant as the bar dressing room manager.

County Monaghan
To explore the County Monaghan files, enter FIN/COMP/2/18/ in the NAI's Simple Search box There are 281 entries, a good proportion of them claiming for properties (homes, commercial premises and meeting halls) that were burned by forces or persons unknown. I also found one compensation claim for 'A quantity of cocoa and chocolate taken from train at Creaghanroe, County Monaghan by armed men on 12 April 1922.' This claim came from Cadbury Bros in Bourneville, England.

County Wicklow
To explore the County Wicklow files, enter FIN/COMP/2/26/ in the NAI's Simple Search box There are 271 entries, among them a claim from the Marquis of Downshire for the burning of the Courthouse at Blessington as well as estate offices and dwellings. Several incidents were recorded in Wicklow Town, including the destruction by fire of the Presbyterian church, damage to the Town Hall due to occupation by Irregular forces between 22 April and 3 July 1922, and goods taken from a pawnbroker.

The online catalogue has also been updated with details of recent Testamentary records, as follows:

– Probate Office, 1990 (2011/1/)
– Cavan District Probate Office, 1990 (2011/3/)
– Cork District probate Office, 1991 (2012/5/)
– Galway District Probate Registry, 1987 (2008/8/)