Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Byrnes and the O'Byrnes: Volume 4 published

http://www.byrnehistory.comThe fourth and final volume of  The Byrnes and the O'Byrnes by Daniel Byrne-Rothwell has been published by House of Lochar.

The historical series examines the origins of persons bearing the surnames of Byrne/Burns/Beirne and other variants such as Byron, Bryan, Brien, Breen, Birn, etc...
It covers the histories of the Byrnes/Burns, their family memoirs, pedigrees, a DNA study of 400 Byrnes, and songs and poems about the Byrnes. All 32 Irish Counties are covered, as well as places from Scotland to Argentina where Byrnes/Burns are found.

If you are a Byrne/Burns and curious about your family surname origins, this series provide a comprehensive answer to all your questions.

All four volumes can be purchased from, where you can find more information about the series.

(The Byrne DNA Projectremains open to new participants.)