Wednesday 12 November 2014

More free online resources from Clare County Library

Clare County Library has received a flurry of record donations recently, and they've been uploaded to the website for all to enjoy. Here's the list:

In due course, there may be another interesting addition to the Library's online portfolio. This past weekend, Clare Museum acquired at auction a journal and autograph book that provides a unique insight into life and conditions at Frongoch prisoner of war camp, where an estimated 1,800 Irish participants of the Easter Rising were interned between June and December 1916.

It belonged to IRA Volunteer and a future important politican figure Patrick Brennan, from Meelick, and features accounts and illustrations of life in the North Wales camp and the autographs of many of the camp’s prisoners including Michael Collins and Richard Mulcahy.

While it is planned to put this on display in the Museum before Christmas, it is also hoped to create a digital copy that can be uploaded to the Library site for a wider audience.

There's more information about this important acquisition here.