Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Ulster Covenant and Scotland: free download

http://www.ulster-scots.com/uploads/745355310965.PDFThe Ulster-Scots Community Network (USCN) has added another title to its growing range of publications: The Ulster Covenant and Scotland.

The 19-page booklet, written by Dr Garry Watson, seeks to examine the events leading to the signing of the Covenant within the context of Unionist heritage and ties to Scotland. Geographical proximity and a shared Presbyterian history were not the only connections; on both sides of the North Channel (just 12m/20km across at its narrowest point), Ulster-Scots shared a political and commercial culture.

The demonstrations, speaking tours, political efforts and galvanising of cross-channel sympathy are described, along with regional summaries of how Ulster Day unfolded with some 14,000 Scotland-based Unionists signing the Covenant. Post-1912 Scottish support of the North's pro-Union movement is included.

As with all the titles from USCN, The Ulster Covenant and Scotland is published as a free download. See the range of booklets here.