Thursday 5 June 2014

Two new features added to County Clare's GenMap!-9.03398Z15R1L11L12L18
Clare County Library has upgraded its excellent Genmaps software with two new features.

The maps can now show the boundaries of townlands within their civil parishes across the county as well as pick out one or multiple categories of monuments. There's a long list of the latter, including holy wells, cairns, wedge tombs, ringforts, chapels, castles, graveyards and standing stones.

Certainly no excuse now for not being able to locate the less obvious monuments scattered around the landscape of Clare!

I don't find the signposting (sorry for the pun) around the site terribly easy, and I confess to having found the Help section difficult, but I may be in a particularly dozy mood. Perserverence playing with the features brought success, fortunately.

Worth spending time on, in my view.