Wednesday 31 July 2013

SeanRuad Townland Database has moved

Many of you who use the IreAtlas Townlands Database, aka will have been concerned to find that the website appeared to be offline and, according to a holding page, awaiting deletion. I'm happy to report that this indispensible website, a mainstay of many professional and amateur genealogists' bookmark lists, is still available; it's been moved to another server.

The database was the work of the late John Broderick. It was brought to the online research community with the help of Ed Finn who provided software and server access alongside the site.

Long before his untimely death, Ed promised John that so long as he had a web server online, the database would remain active.

John's family chose to keep the well-known domain name going after his death in 2001, but it lapsed last week. Ed has, therefore, moved the database to a new url. It is up and running, in all its familiar livery, at

I know I'm not alone in being very pleased that this vital database can still be accessed online by Irish genealogists. Many, many thanks to Ed Finn.

9 January 2014: Recent access problems with Townlands Database.