Saturday 6 July 2013

Roots Ireland offers 40% discount

Roots Ireland is offering a 40% discount on birth and baptism records until Sunday 14 July.

Having seen the announcement on their Twitter feed, I clicked through to the site for more details, but there are none. In fact, the offer is not mentioned on the home page of their website, nor in their news feed box. You have to go through to one of the Search pages to see the offer highlighted, but still no explanation of how the offer works.

In the hope of providing the explanation that RootsIreland ought to be providing, I've just tried it out.

I had a few credits remaining in my account. I was charged 15 credits to view a baptism record. I've no idea if this was a discounted number of credits or not. The 'top up' page says the cost of viewing a record is 15 credits but doesn't say anything about this being a special offer. Nor does it distinguish between the costs of viewing baptism and marriage (or anything else) records.

So have I received a discount or not? No idea.

Usual clarity from RootsIreland.

UPDATE – Monday 8 July: Just received an invitation from RootsIreland to take advantage of this offer. It comes with an explanation that the discounted records are 15 credits rather than the usual 25 credits.