Monday 2 April 2012

Hidden Histories of the Northwest 1910-1930

The exhibition Connection & Division – the Hidden Histories of 1910-1930 opened on Friday to explore how the major events of 1910 to 1930 impacted on Ireland's North West region.

Fermanagh County Museum, The Inniskillings Museum and Derry Heritage and Museum Service have come together to tell the previously untold stories of individual people who lived through the upheavals of this period. It covers Irish Nationalism, Unionism, the partition of Ireland and, importantly, the preconceptions we have of these events today.

New acquisitions and artefacts within the museum’s collections form part of this exhibition, highlighting the historical, political, social & economic significant factors of the period 1910 – 1930.

Normal admission rates apply and the exhibition runs until 30 June.