Thursday 5 April 2012

Database providers take the sea air

With the Titanic centenery making headlines around the world this month, there's a very nautical air about recent releases by the major database providers.

Ancestry was first to set sail with five small collections released a few days ago. These are:
  • Titanic, Outward Passenger List
  • Titanic, Crew Records
  • Titanic, Deaths at Sea
  • Halifax, Canada, Titanic Fatality Records
  • Halifax, Canada, Titanic Graves

Today, Find My has published two new record sets:
  • Maritime births, marriages and deaths (includes bmds associated with seafaring occupations, not just events that took place at sea, and deaths of Titanic crew and passengers).
  • White Star Line Officers books (1,042 service records 1868-1934, including those crew lost on the Titanic).
As well as these two new collections, the FMP database includes passenger lists (ex-UK), 1880-1960 and Merchant Navy seamen records.