Tuesday 10 April 2012

South East Galway reaches out

As part of the Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) project, South East Galway has announced its Week of Welcomes programme. This is an event organised by the parishes for their own Diaspora and an opportunity for those whose ancestors left Ireland to reconnect with their place of origin.

The Week of Welcomes builds on the paper trail and helps those of Irish heritage to reconnect with the people and places of their ancestors. Visitors who take up the invitation get to speak with people from the communities and pick through local knowledge to perhaps finally discover an elusive headstone, to seek out some long-lost cousins, or to stand where the ancestral home once stood.

The Ireland XO project has been described as 'reverse genealogy' because the local community is reaching out to connect with the descendants of those who left, rather than those descendants trying to reconnect with the place.

For those with roots in South East Galway, an interesting programme has been created and organisers promise a unique, personal and intimate experience. The itinerary includes a Shannon River cruise, heritage tours, cultural events, and even a hurling match, in addition to individualised assistance to trace family roots.

The cost is €299 for the full week or €149 for a three-day booking. More information here.