Tuesday 30 April 2024

Newly launched: County Armagh: The Irish Revolution, 1912-1923

Published April 2024

The most recent county to be studied in the Four Courts Press The Irish Revolution, 1912–23 series is Armagh.

The 240-page paperback, written by Donal Hall and Eoin Magennis, explains how Armagh's long-standing antipathy between unionism and nationalism intensified during the 'third home rule crisis' of 1912–14 and saw the unionists mobilize both politically and militarily to demand a partitioned Ireland. The IRA was largely forced from the county by 1922 by the dominant Crown Forces and many volunteers were interned on both sides of the new border.

Using both official and private archives, this study offers new perspectives on the continuities, changes and wider social and economic dynamics which shaped County Armagh during this tumultuous decade.

The illustrated paperback has been published this month and is now on sale at a reduced price of €22.45 from Four Courts Press. ISBN: 978-1-80151-080-6.

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