Monday 11 March 2024

The Spring edition of Irish Roots Magazine has been published

The latest edition of Irish Roots magazine, Ireland's only independent magazine dedicated to Irish genealogy, has been published.

It is, as always, filled with helpful guidance, informative features and all the latest news and developments to help researchers discover more about their ancestral heritage, whether their family remained on the island or emigrated to near or distant new homes.

You'll find the following articles in the new issue:

- Visiting the UCG Archives: The James Joyce Library
- Local resources for family history research: County Mayo
- Mayo's connection to Saint Thomas More
- St Patrick's Day in Holyoke, Massachusetts
- Genealogy tips from the IGRS
- What's New? Review of latest record releases
- Surnames of County Mayo
- Tracing my ancestors from Wisconsin to Westmeath Pt2
- Australian Connections: Irish in the North End
- Using Irish naming conventions to research
- Overcoming the pitfalls of online church records
- DNA research: Frequent queries answered

Irish Roots is published quarterly and is available in print and digital formats, in single issues or on subscription.

To find out more, and to download a sample copy of this new edition, click the cover image.