Tuesday 26 March 2024

Free booklet published exploring the Great Famine in Co. Donegal

An illustrated booklet that explores the Famine in County Donegal has been published as a free flip-book on ISSUU.

Donegal County Council hosted Ireland's National Famine Commemmoration in Milford last year and marked the event by commissioning Historian in Residence Dr C. Hilary Mc Laughlin-Stonham to research and write about this period in Donegal's history using surviving workhouse records (and other collections) held by the County Archives and other institutions.

The booklet, which has been widely distributed in paper format to schools, libraries, colleges and heritage centres across Donegal and beyond, is entitled The Consequences will be fearful: The Great Famine in County Donegal. It presents four essays, as follows:

  • The impact of the Great Famine on County Donegal
  • Life and Death in Letterkenny during the Great Famine
  • Inishowen Workhouse in a time of crisis
  • Emigration: Farewells and Beginnings

An excellent list of reference material and digital sources is also provided.

I'm sure any family historian with Donegal ancestors who lived through the mid-1800s would find this publication very informative and helpful to their own research. Click the cover image to start reading.