Wednesday 6 March 2024

Ancestry adds Northern Ireland Street Directories, 1819-1900

Ancestry has created a new index + images database to a collection held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. It's been named Northern Ireland Street Directories, 1819–1900 and you can either search it by name or location, or browse imaged directory pages.

Sample from The Belfast and Province

It's a big collection by Northern Ireland standards, holding 1,508,227 records of individuals living and working cities and towns. Some of the publications even include villages in the wider Ulster province.

The publications indexed in the collection are as follows:

  • Belfast Directory
  • The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory
  • The Belfast Directory (Belfast NewsLetter)
  • Henderson's Belfast Directory and Northern Repository
  • Henderson's New Belfast and Northern Repository
  • Martin's Belfast Directory
  • Matier's Belfast Directory
  • New Directory of the City of LondonDerry
  • The Belfast Province and Ulster Directory

Some of the directories are organised alphabetically by the individual's surname, others by street or occupation.

For more details about the collection, see PRONI's article here.