Monday 19 February 2024

TheGenealogist database adds Irish Almanacs and Directories

Last month, some five million records from residential and trade directories published between 1744 and 1899 were added to TheGenealogist database.

Although the bulk of the additions related to England, Scotland and Wales, together with the Channel Islands and a small number of former British Empire colonies, there were also a number of Irish publications in the mix.

I can't confirm the new additions, but the following titles make up the site's updated holding of Irish Directories:

  • The Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland, 1840 
  • Thom's Irish Almanac & Official Directory, 1855 
  • Thom's Irish Almanac & Directory, 1863 
  • Thom's Irish Almanac & Directory 1864 
  • Thom's Irish Almac & Official Directory of Gt Britain and Ireland 1867 
  • Thom's Directory of Britain and Ireland 1913 
  • Thom's Directory of Ireland 1934 
  • Thom's Directory of Ireland 1941