Wednesday 14 February 2024

NLS adds new layer to 6-inch-to-the-mile OS mapping of Ireland

The National Library of Scotland has added a new georeferenced layer of 6-inch to the mile OrdnanceSurvey mapping for Ireland. You can now compare the change between the first editions (1830s-1880s) and the second editions (1888-1915) in the NLS Side-by-Side Viewer.

In the example below, I've screengrabbed some of the townlands of Aghada parish, which overlook Cobh Harbour and lie about 5km southwest of Midleton, in East Cork. The older map, on the left, captures Aghada as surveyed in 1841-42 and published in 1845. The map on the right shows the same area as surveyed in 1896-97, and was published in 1902. In the intervening years, the small rural community had hardly changed, except perhaps for a bit of development around the pier. Even today, despite a bigger population and a good sprinkling of housing along some of the old roads, the layout of the area has hardly altered.

You can explore the 1841 and 1897 maps by clicking on the image below. On the landing page, make sure the Swipe On is highlighted to move slider left or right. To zoom in, move the toggle up and down on the far left of the screen (the toggle may be behind the 'Side By Side - Help' pop up).