Monday 18 December 2023

December updates for the Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project

The Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project has received what will probably be its last update of the year. It sees the main Index with 575,491 entries from just shy of 60,000 memorials of deeds, an increase of nearly 52 thousand and more than five thousand respectively over the course of the year.

As you can see from the counter image, right, both the townland index and the grantee databases have grown, too.

All the indexes are available to search free of charge. They are the work of volunteers – researchers, like you and me – who give up a bit of their time to help other Irish family historians.

The digitisation of the vast Registry of Deeds archive is still many years from becoming a reality. In the meantime, these volunteers are providing the only indexed access to the records. If you can help, please check out the Project's How-To Guide.

Maybe something to consider for a New Year's resolution?

Nick Reddan, the founder and manager of the Index Project, has chosen a lovely example for this month's highlighted memorial slot. It's dated 22 July 1776.