Tuesday 3 October 2023

The Townland Atlas of Ulster - a major new reference work for 2024

Researchers with links to the nine historical counties of Ireland's province of Ulster will be delighted to learn about a new book to be published by Ulster Historical Foundation (UKF): The Townland Atlas of Ulster, by UHF research consultant Andrew Kane.

The Townland Atlas of Ulster will be published by the
Ulster Historical Foundation in the next 18 months.
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The book will run to 384 pages include some 130 full colour maps and will provide an invaluable guide to the newcomer to the island's townland system as well as filling a long time need for a comprehensive townland atlas for the area's 16,000 townlands. While the maps will show the locations and extent of landed estates, and civil, Anglican and Roman Catholic parish boundaries, the text will explain the relevance of each different land division and what records were kept at each level.

There will also be notes on each estate to enable them to be found in primary records.

Such material has never been collated for the entire province before.

This important new reference work will be published in 2024–25 financial year with the ISBN 978-1-909556-89-8.

Click the image to find out more about the sources being studied by the author and how the book will provide a consistent naming system to facilitate easier access to the 17th-century materials for those who have not had the privilege of exploring them in detail.