Monday 28 August 2023

Irish News Archives marks new titles from the 1700s with discounts

The Dublin-based Irish Newspaper Archives has had a very busy summer. Over the last month, several new titles from the 1700s have been added to the database. While they are short runs of publication, they hold excellent historical content and are sure to be of great value to Irish family history researchers.

These latest additions, with years of publication in parenthesese, are as follows:

  • Waterford Today 1995-2005
  • General Evening Post 1783
  • Hibernian Chronicle 1783
  • Hibernian Journal / Chronicle of Liberty 1776-1792
  • St James Chronicle / British Evening Press 1794
  • Madras Courier 1789
  • Morning Post or Dublin Courant
  • Oracle 1796-1797
  • The Dublin Chronicle 1787-1792
  • The English Chronicle

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