Tuesday 29 November 2022

MilitaryArchives releases 13th instalment from the MSPC

Ireland's MilitaryArchives has released its 13th instalment of records from the extensive Military Service (1916-23) Pension Claims collection. This is the largest single pension files release since digitised copies of MSPC material began to make its way online eight years ago.

Today's release features just over 5,000 files representing 1,835 new individuals. (You can download a pdf of those names, with place of residence and reference number, here.)

Among them is the final tranche of 1,658 service pensions claims by women. In total, 6,445 women made a claim for a pension – 25% of them were successful – and all are now catalogued and digitised.

In addition, files relating to 177 men are included in this release.

More than 113,500 MSPC files have now been catalogued and around 46,000 of these are fully digitised. The content of these digitised files, now all online, consists of more than 2,400,000 pages of archival maaterial.

These files are yielding fresh insights into this period our ancestors lived through, and are a rich source of genealogical information.