Wednesday 30 November 2022

Any specific questions you'd like to see in the 2027 Irish Census?

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has opened a public consultation process for Census 2027 and is seeking submissions from members of the public, organisations and interest groups on suggested questions for the Republic of Ireland’s next census, which will take place in 2027.

Submissions proposing changes to the phrasing of questions used in Census 2022 or suggesting new question(s) for Census 2027 are welcomed as part of the consultation. I'm sure questions that would gather useful data for future genealogists would also be appreciated!

Eileen Murphy, Head of Census Administration, said: “Preparations for Census 2027 have already begun and this public consultation on the questions for the next census is an important part of the process. We are accepting submissions through an online form, via email, or by post, to ensure that as many organisations and individuals as possible can participate. We will acknowledge each submission we receive.

"The CSO has also started work on delivering an online response option for the first time in an Irish census.”

The consultation will close on Wednesday 21 December 2022 and you'll find more information about how to make a submission on the CSO website here.