Tuesday 28 June 2022

Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project nears half a million entries

The Registry of Deeds Index Project has been updated and now holds 493,166 entries in the main index, transcribed from 51,476 memorials of deeds. The Townland and Grantor Indexes have not been updated this month.

In the process of making this update to the site, Nick Reddan FIGRS, the Canberra-based founder and manager of the Index Project, noted that some 122 names were transcribed from one single memorial (number 84214) – a reminder, if any were needed, of the vast amount of genealogical data waiting to be revealed in this priceless collection.

Each of the nearly half a million entries in this Index has been contributed by a volunteer. If you would like to join them – and you would be made very welcome – see the Guide to submitting entries here.

These days volunteers no longer need to make a personal visit to the Registry of Deeds in Dublin. Instead, volunteers, who hail from many countries around the world, mostly use the online images of the memorials and other records, which are free to access at FamilySearch.org