Thursday 6 January 2022

Church of Ireland parish registers list updated with details of materials accessioned during the last two years

In its first Archive of the Month of 2022, the Representative Church Body (RCB) Library has released its invaluable List of Church of Ireland Parish Registers, complete with details of its 54 “new” parish collections added to the Library's holdings since the first pandemic Lockdown in March 2020. It means the RCB Library now holds 1,214 individual parish record collections.

Click to download the fully revised edition
Other additions of historical materials came from more than 90 parishes during this period. Among these were large tranches from parishes in the dioceses of Ardfert, Emly Killaloe and Limerick, and some of the city parishes in Limerick.

The fully updated and colour coded List of Church of Ireland Parish Registers holds details and live links to records of baptism, marriage and burials for each of the 1,214 parishes now in the Library's custody; these parishes are colour-coded yellow.

Additional information is also provided about the whereabouts of all other Church of Ireland parish materials, with details of where copies, transcripts and indexes can be located, and what remains in local custody and other locations. As such, it is an essential reference material for every Irish genealogist to keep in a readily accessible folder on their computer device, and it is free to download by clicking on the image, right.

The January Archive of the Month feature also offers researchers access to lists showing precisely which materials have been accessioned in each of the past two years, as well as providing more details about some of the newly accessioned materials.