Wednesday 19 January 2022

Bang on 100 days, my order has been fulfilled

  Part of the long-awaited birth certificate

Pass the smelling salts.

This morning the 'full standard' €20 birth certificate I ordered on on 7 October finally arrived in my postbox.

When I placed my order, the website said it would take 10 days to despatch, which I considered fine for a certificate that wasn't (then) urgently required and would save me the hassle of travelling to a local civil registration service office.

What a mistake. Exactly 100 days later, and after experiencing the poorest customer service I have ever encountered, I finally have the document in my mits, and I can be absolutely certain that I won't be using the 'service' again.

As it turns out, no one can use it at the moment. The online 'service' is currently suspended.