Saturday 2 October 2021

National Archives of Ireland's websites have technical problems

Both the National Archives of Ireland's main website and its Genealogy platform are experiencing technical problems. The snags are resulting in access refusal to the Front door/Home pages, which can't currently be reached.

This has happened at least a couple of times before and the techies have been pretty quick at sorting it out, but as this is a Saturday, the problems may remain until Monday.

While I can't do anything that will help you explore the main site, I can offer some access to the Genealogy site.

Below are the direct links to the most essential databases.

Click on them and you'll find yourself on the 'home' page of the database and can then freely search for records:

There may be a couple of other databases on the site; as I can't remember what they are, I'm fairly confident they aren't of major importance. I think most Irish family historians will be happy enough with the collections listed above for a couple of days.

I can't guarantee that access to the databases will hold up until the maintenance crew sort out the site's problems. But they are working at 5:30pm on Saturday 2 October.

Monday 4 October, 10am. From the NAI on Twitter:

Tuesday 5 October, 8:30am. Both sites appear to be functioning well this morning, although I will check again in a few hours.

Tuesday 5 October, 13:30am. All seems well with the two sites. I hereby declare the crisis over.