Tuesday 20 April 2021

Unusual Bronze Age tomb discovered on Dingle, County Kerry

      Dingle Peninsula ringed in red. Courtesy Google Maps
An ancient tomb, thought to date to the Bronze Age (2000BC to 500BC), has been accidentally discovered by a Kerry farmer while carrying out reclamation work on his land holding. His digger turned over a large stone slab, revealing a slab-lined chamber beneath.

Archaeologists from the National Monument Service and the National Museum of Ireland have carried out an initial survey and says the find is significant not only for the tomb's highly unusual design features, but also because it contains human remains. It is also rare for being in its original state, totally preserved as built.

Further investigations and a full survey will follow before any more information about the tomb's history, purpose and use will be released.

The burial site is on private land on the Dingle Peninsula and its precise location has not been disclosed.

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