Tuesday 26 January 2021

New MyHeritage feature restores colour to faded photos

MyHeritage has released another photo enhancement process to its popular and free MyHeritage In Color feature. This time, it's a colour restoration enhancement for faded colour photos.

Unlike colourization, which simulates the colours of black and white photos, the new colour restoration feature is ideal for restoring both original or scanned colour photos from the 1950s to the 1990s that have faded over the years. If my own photo albums are anything to go by, you're likely to have many of these! Over time, the once bright and vibrant hues have turned different shades, mainly due to UV light affecting the chemical makeup of printed photos and causing them to turn grungey yellow and fade.

Without guessing the original colours, the new technology 'revives' them. As a bonus, MyHeritage's colour restoration feature also sharpens photos and improves their level of detail. I've experimented with it on a few of my own 50-year-old pictures, and the improvements are remarkable.

You can see an example of the results below, in a photo of my grandmother and two of her sisters in 1974.

(When MyHeritage's photo enhancment process is applied, the original photo is left intact and a separate copy is created with the restored colours.)

Check out MyHeritage's new colour restoration feature here.