Wednesday 27 January 2021

Lockdown extended across Ireland to 5 March

Both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have extended their Lockdown restrictions until 5 March. Incoming travel restrictions have also been tightened and further curbs on movement around the island are being considered.

These moves have been implemented against the backdrop of increased public pressure to suppress virus rates in both jurisdictions.

For genealogists, this means they cannot make in-person visits to repositories, museums and similar institutions providing advice/materials/expertise until the restrictions are lifted.

In most cases, repository staff are trying to help researchers by answering emailed queries (often from home), but they may have limited access to resources until they and their colleagues return to regular working patterns. Where they are able to access resources, the service may be somewhat slower than you would normally experience.

You should find details of the email address to use on the home or contact pages of each institution’s website.

See my Toolkit website for listings of the major repositories across the island. It includes some specialist centres, too, but not regional archives.