Friday 12 January 2018

NLI RC Registers will be offline from 9am Monday 15th
It's good to receive advance warning of sites being offline, and all the more so when the site is as important to Irish genealogists as the NLI's Roman Catholic Parish Registers images database.

The National Library of Ireland has advised that the database will be offline from 9am on Monday 15 January. This is to facilitate essential maintenance to the site (there were problems with access earlier this week, so the two are probably connected).

It is expected that the database will be back online during Monday afternoon.

UPDATE, 15 January, 8pm: Looks like things didn't quite work out as anticipated. This evening, the entire site is offline. There doesn't seem to have been any official comment about this, so I can't provide any further information at present.

UPDATE, 15 January, 9:30pm: Registers site is back up and running.