Friday 26 January 2018

Limerick - City of Churches released as a free e-book

A book published by Limerick Archives to accompany a travelling exhibition during the 2014 City of Culture programme, has been released as a free pdf.

Click to download the free e-book
Researched and written by architectural historian Emma Gilleece, Limerick – City of Churches examines all known places of worship that still stand or once stood in Limerick. There are 57 of them.

From the Gothic Revival RC St John's Cathedral with its soaring spire (the tallest in Ireland), and the medieval Church of Ireland St Mary's Cathedral with its leper squint, to the 19th-century Dutch barn style Pentecostal Abundant Life church in Post Office Lane and the abandoned ruins of Kilrush Church in Old Church, this beautifully illustrated 88-page book explores the history of each site, its architectural context and decorative features, as well as the changing uses of these sites over time.

There is also an extensive glossary of architectural terms.

If you have ancestral connections to Limerick City, or just know the city and want to learn more about its architectural heritage, you'll enjoy dipping into this e-book.