Friday 27 October 2017

New book tells the history of the Liverpool Irish

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Click image to find out more
A new book, In Hardship and Hope: A History of the Liverpool Irish, was launched this week at the University of Liverpool's Institute of Irish Studies during the Liverpool Irish Festival.

Written by social historian and guide Greg Quiery, it presents a narrative history of the Irish community in the city, describing its struggle for social and political acceptance and the impact of the city’s Irish heritage on Liverpool’s modern culture.

The 266-page book is written for the general reader and covers the 1700s to 1960s via a variety of topics, including employment, education, revolutionaries, sectarianism, Irish Nationalism and the break-up of the Irish districts after the 1920s. It features a timeline and 100 potted biographies.

ISBN 978-1-9998030-0-3.